You might want to rename your Jira Cloud site as described in this Atlassian document and wonder whether Timepiece (formerly Time in Status) by OBSS is compatible with Jira's URL change feature.

Timepiece (formerly Time in Status) keeps all its settings using your site ID, not your site name or URL.

If you change your site URL as described in this document, all Time in Status settings (permissions, calendars, format settings, API tokens, param sets, dashboards gadgets, etc.) are expected to be unaffected by this change and keep working as before. 

A small note. Timepiece main reporting page and issue view screen tab remembers the report parameters you set the last time you used those pages and opens the page with the same parameters when you reopen the page. These settings are stored in your browser's Local Storage attached to your site URL. When you rename your site, these settings will be forgotten by Timepiece and it will be as if you are opening these pages on a new computer. This should not be a big deal for your users.

If you encounter any unexpected behavior or problems with this process, please let us know by contacting our support team.

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