You can use the Calendar Settings page to define custom calendars for your organization.

You can define multiple calendars with different working days, working hours, holidays, and timezone. All calendars defined on this page will be available for reporting on Time in Status reporting screen.

To define custom calendars, open Settings>> Apps >> Timepiece (formerly Time in Status) Report >> Calendar Settings page. Please note that you'll need Jira Admin permissions to access this page.

Calendar Definition

Calendar Name

The unique name of the calendar. This calendar will be listed with this name on Timepiece screens.

Work Week

Which days of the week should be included in the calendar? What will be the beginning and ending hours of those days?

Here you can define multiple shifts for each day. (For example, two shifts divided by a lunch break). You can also define different working hours for different days. (For example, half day for Saturdays)

The times spent outside these hours will be excluded from your reports.


The non-working days of your organization. These days will be excluded from the reports, even if they are normally working days.

If a day is marked with Apply each year, the same date will be considered a holiday for each year. You don't need to enter multiple holidays for that date.

Bulk Add Holidays

Use this dialog when you have a lot of holidays that you want to enter quickly into your calendar.

This dialog allows the users to enter holiday definitions as simple text and add them to the calendar with a single click.

You are expected to enter holidays in CSV format, one holiday per line with a maximum of 3 columns.

<date in yyyy-MM-dd>, <description>, <apply each year (true/false)>

Only the date value is mandatory. Others can be left empty.

Please note that the dates are added only to the calendar being edited on the page. You need to save the calendar to save new holidays.

Time zone 

The time zone selection for this calendar. The working hours defined in this calendar and dates on issue histories will be evaluated based on the selected timezone when this calendar is selected. 

Timepiece uses its own calendar definitions for reporting. These calendars are effective only for Timepiece reports.

Calendars defined for Timepiece do not affect Jira Service Management functions and Jira Service Management calendars do not affect Timepiece reports.

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