For an organization that develops products, a common need is to link service desk tickets or tasks to those products.

For this to happen, you will need to manage a list of your products in Jira. You can do this by simply defining a SelectList field named "Product" and using it on your task screens but in this case Jira Administrator will be the only user that can insert new products on the list.

The other option would be to manage your Product Portfolio in a Jira project and utilize JQL Issue Select to pick issues from your tasks. Users with appropriate permission can create new products or edit existing products in your product portfolio project. No need to bother the admin.

Similar cases can be rephrased for a Project Portfolio or a Service Portfolio.


To bring this solution to life first of all you will need to create a Jira project to keep your products of your portfolio as issues. For this,

Create a new Jira project named Product Portfolio with project key PP.

Configure this project's Issue Type Scheme to contain a single issue type named Product.

Create custom fields and configure your screens on Product issue type so it can keep whatever data you need to keep about your products.

Here you can see Product Type, Product Owner, Development Team fields are created as attributes of your product card.

At this stage, you can create issues in your PP project. As many as you need.

Then create a JQL Advanced Select custom field named Product. This field will be used to link your Jira issues to your products. (see JIS v2.0 - JQL Advanced Select Field )

Configure your Product field like this:

JQLproject = PP
View Pattern{issue.summary}

Then, add this field to your service desk ticket's create screen and your customer portal request type.


Now your users can select a product while creating a ticket, both from Jira UI and Customer Portal UI.

You can search the tickets that are for a related product using a JQL query like: " project = SD and Product = ABC-123 "

( You can search by issue key or view pattern. For more info please see JIS v2.0 - Searching by JIS Fields )

Extended use case

This is a simple use case with a very simple configuration. The configuration can be customized to meet more complex needs. For example:

  • To track the lifecycle of your products...
    • You can customize the workflow of your Product issue type, introduce three new steps: Development, Live, Retired.
    • You can then change the JQL setting of your Product field as "project = PP and status = 'Live' " to allow the user pick only from Live products.
  • To display additional data while picking products...
    • You can change the View Pattern setting of your Product field as "{issue.summary} owned by {issue.cf_12345.displayname}" to allow users to see the product owner name in the pick list as well. (12345 is the field ID for Product Owner field in the example above) (see JIS v2.0 - Tokens Reference)

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