The custom field types provided by JQL Issue Select 1.x are deprecated. For details see: JIS v2.0 - Deprecated custom fields

JIS Field Migration Screen allows you to copy existing field values from deprecated fields to new JQL Advanced Select fields. (It does NOT convert old field types to new field type.)

Before Migration

You must create a field of type JQL Advanced Select in your Jira to migrate values to.

The field is created like any other Jira field. Please see JIS v2.0 - Custom Fields


To perform a migration you should go to "Administration >> Manage Apps >> JIS Field Migration" and the following screen will appear.

On this screen you are required to enter the following information:

Source Field

Select one of the deprecated fields on your system that you want to migrated values FROM.

The migration process will copy the values of this field to the selected Target Field and the process will not change the values of this field in any way.

Target Field

Select one of the already created JQL Advanced Select fields on your system that you want to migrate values TO.

The migration process will copy values from the selected Source Field and write them to this field. The existing values in this field (if any) will be OVERWRITTEN by the migration process.


Enter any valid JQL query to select the issue that the migration will be performed on.

The migration process will copy the value of the Source Field to the Target Field for each issue in the result set of this JQL.


When you click the Migrate button, the screen will show you a confirmation dialog telling how many issues will be affected.

The screen will also show you the progress during the actual migration and will show you information about the migration when complete.

Any possible warnings about migration will also be shown on this screen.

After Migration

When your migration is complete, you should check your issues to make sure that all values are migrated successfully.

When you are satisfied with the migration, you can replace the Source Field with Target Field on your issue screens, workflows, dashboards, etc.

We recommend that you DO NOT remove the Source Field from your Jira system until all your tests about using the Target Field are completed and successful.

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