JQL Issue Select v2.0 introduces 2 new custom field types to your system.

  • JQL Advanced Field
    • This field type lets you select an issue or issues from the result set of a predefined dynamic JQL. You can configure the field to be used as a Dropdown (single select) or Label (multi select).
  • JQL Lookup Field
    • This field type lets you bring field value(s) from other issues to your issue as readonly custom fields. You select the issue(s) to bring data from with a dynamic JQL.

Adding a field to your Jira system

You can add JIS custom fields like any other custom field in the system. For detailed information about adding custom fields please see the Atlassian documentation page about adding custom fields.:

The 4 field types used by JIS 1.x (JQL Single Select, JQL Multi Select, JQL Dropdown and JQL Label Select) are deprecated and are provided for backwards compatibility only. Users are strongly recommended to migrate to new field types. See Migrating to New Field Types.

Configuring your custom fields

You can configure JIS custom fields like any other custom field, by selecting the Configure option in Actions menu of the custom field listing in Administration >> Issues >> Custom fields.

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