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Worklog Sycnhronizer is plugin that sync worklogs between the issue and it's linked issue. Add, Remove or Change the worklog !!! Any activity will be directly processed to the linked issue. Just configure the Link Type and Link Direction settings to apply the sync feature.


To install Worklog Sync, involves the following steps:

  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators.
  2. Select Add-ons from the Administration menu at the top right of your screen. 


You can install the Add-On in two ways : Install the Add-On from Marketplace OR Upload an Add-On.


Upload an Add-On:


  1. Click the Manage Add-ons link.
  2. Click the Upload Add-on link at the top right side of the page.  
    The 'Upload Add-on' dialog appears.



Install the Add-On from Marketplace:


  1. Click the Find New Add-ons link.
  2. Enter a search string in the Search the Marketplace box.
  3. To install an add-on, click the Install button for free add-ons or the Buy Now or Free Trial buttons for paid add-ons. 





Configuration :

Return back " Administration" page. Choose "Worklog Transfer Plugin" from "Plugins" section.


Choose Link Type, Link Direction and Legacy Mode in this section. Legacy Mode is optional. If you don't enable Legacy Mode, all worklog changes in your main issue will be directly synchronized with your linked issue. The operations could be add, remove or change the worklog. If you enable the Legacy Mode, system will let you write a generic username. Legacy mode changes the working principle of the system. Detailed Information : Legacy Mode

Link Direction includes outward and inward. Further information about the link types :


Create your own Link Type in JIRA side and use it in your issue linking. Then you can choose it from the Plugin Configuration page. It provides you to use this plugin in all issues without depending on just one link type rule such as "Relate", "Blocks" etc..

How to add Link Type to JIRA :

Add Link Type :  


Choose the new Link Type from Plugin Configuration Panel: 

When you finish the configuration, Click
Apply Changes button.  Now, your plugin works.


Plugin follows the steps below:

1) If you don't choose Legacy Mode :

  • Worklog changes will be directly processed to the linked issue.

2) If you choose Legacy Mode : 

  • Username will be eligible to select. Username is your generic user in the system.

a) Whenever you add/remove/change the worklog in the main issue, plugin will look for the existence of the sub-tasks in the linked issue.

If there is one sub-task which is assigned to same user in the linked issue, the worklog sync will be implemented to this issue.

If there are sub-tasks more than one which are assigned to same user in the linked issue, the worklog sync will be implemented to the first issue.

b) If there isn't any sub-task which is assigned to same user in the linked issue, the generic user's worklog will be synchronized. If there are more than one generic user, the last generic user's worklog will be synchronized.

c) If there isn't any generic user, worklog sync will be done to the parent issue.

If there are lots of linked issues in the main issue, the operations above will be applied to the first linked issue.




When you are using the plugin, please be sure that : there shouldn't be any circular link among the issues. If yes, worklog sync will be done periodically to each other and the system error will occur.


5. Previous JIRA Versions Support

For the customers are using older JIRA Server versions: Please visit "Version History" page of this plugin and download the compatible version.

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