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User Property Manager plugin gives you the option to add, change, delete user properties in bulk. The bulk change interface can be reached by navigating to Administration >> Add-ons >> User Property Manager

User Search

Before making any bulk changes, you must search and select the users to make the change on. In order to search for the user, you can use one or more of the following fields:

  • Username
  • E-mail
  • User Group

Search with Username, E-mail or User Group

You can enter complete values or part of values to perform a "like" search. If you leave the all fields blank, all users will be listed.

Search with User Property

You can search for users with one or more User Property names and values. 

Property Name search filter does not support partial values so you must enter the EXACT property name that you want to use in your search. However, property values support partial search so you can enter a part of the property value string to perform a "like" search.

Please note that this search is case sensitive.

If you would like to search the all users who has a value for a specific propery, enter a Property Name and leave the Propery Value blank. This will return all the users who have such a property set, regardless of the property value.

If you would like to search the all users who doesn't have a specific property set, enter the Property Name and enter the Propery Value NULL. This will return all users that do not have this property.

Choose Users

After completing the search, choose the users whose properties will be changed.

Set Property Values

Add New or Change Existing Property Value

If you would like to change the value or an existing property,

  • Write the existing Property Name and Property Value exactly,
  • Click Change & Add.

This adds the property and value for the users that do not have that property and changes the property value for the users that already have this property.

Remove Property Value

If you would like to remove an existing Property value,

  • Write the Property Name exactly,
  • Leave the Property Value blank.
  • Click Change & Add

This removes the property from the users that have a value set for that property.

CSV Export

A CSV Export option is available (as of version 1.4.0) that allows the user to export the users, their properties and property values as a CSV file. In order to get the file just search for some users and click the "CSV Export" button on the right.

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