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File Exports

Using the File Exports page Jira admin can view all Time in Status file exports in the system. To view File Exports page:

  1. Open Administration >> Add-ons >> Time in Status >> File Exports page.
  2. On this screen the Jira Admin can see all the running and previously completed Time in Status file exports on the system, from all users, including failed ones.
    1. The page does not automatically refresh. You need to click on the refresh button on the top left to refresh the data.
  3. The Jira Admin can see file exports and abort when necessary but cannot download files using this page.
  4. The exported files are kept in a temp folder in the Jira home folder of your server.
    1. The location of the folder is displayed as a note at the bottom of the page.
    2. The Jira Admin can clear all exported files on the server using the "Delete Completed Exports" button. This operations will remove all previous exports and corresponding files from Jira server (whether successfull or failed) but will not affect running exports.

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