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Duration Between Statuses Report Metrics

The Metrics button will be shown only when Duration Between Statuses report type is selected. This button opens a panel that allows you to define one or more metrics that will be used for Duration Between Statuses report.

Each metric has a Name, and three status selections.

The Name will be used as the column header for the metric.

The first status selection is called the From Status. It marks where the metric will start counting. If you leave this parameter empty, the metric starts counting with issue creation.

The second status selection is called To Status. It marks where the metric will stop counting. This one can't be left empty.

The third status selection is called Excluded Statuses. You can leave this one empty or select multiple statuses here. The metric will pause counting on these statuses.

If your workflow allows it, your issues might visit the same status more that once. For those cases, the From Status and To Status selections allows you to start the metric at the First or Last visit to a status. If an issue visits a status only once, selecting first or last won't make a difference.

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