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QLogger is a plugin that enables you to manage your work logs in JIRA faster and more efficiently.


To install Contact Manager, involves the following steps:

  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators.
  2. Select Add-ons from the Administration menu at the top right of your screen. 


You can install the Add-On in two ways : Install the Add-On from Marketplace OR Upload an Add-On.


Upload an Add-On:


  1. Click the Manage Add-ons link.
  2. Click the Upload Add-on link at the top right side of the page.  
    The 'Upload Add-on' dialog appears.



Install the Add-On from Marketplace:


  1. Click the Find New Add-ons link.
  2. Enter a search string in the Search the Marketplace box.
  3. To install an add-on, click the Install button for free add-ons or the Buy Now or Free Trial buttons for paid add-ons. 





  • Go to the Install Plugins tab, click the Upload Plugin in the right corner of the page, and select the QLogger.jar file.
  • Go to JIRA_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY > atlassian-jira > secure > popups. Copy worklogissuepicker.jsp file to that directory.
  • Go to  JIRA_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY > atlassian-jira > includes > issue. Copy issuedisplayer-unlimited.jsp file to that directory.
  • Go to  JIRA_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY > atlassian-jira >WEB-INF > classes. Add that code to actions.xml:


<action name="issue.IssuePicker" alias="WorkLogIssuePicker">    
    <view name="success">/secure/popups/worklogissuepicker.jsp</view>


  • Restart JIRA.
  • QLogger is ready to use.



  • When you log in, you will see QLogger link when you click the username at the right corner of the page. 
  • You can reach the application by clicking that link.
  • When the link is opened, you will see a screen like below image.



  • You can select month/year. When you click Get Timesheet, an interface that you can record your work logs according to the month/year you selected.
  • You can add your issues in JIRA with using Add link. After you add your issue, they will be sorted according to the issue key.
  • at an issue coloum, you can write a worklog, and then press enter. You record a work log to that issue. You can do the same thing to other events.
  • When you finish writing work logs, press Save Logs button to save the records. Otherwise, your logs will not be recorded to the JIRA system.
  • You can combine your issues with creating filters in JIRA. Click the link under the Select Issues header.


Example: " Hi Serkan, you can fill your timesheet simply by using your current filters from here or by typing in the Issue Key"


  • Then you will meet a screen like the following:



  • In this screen, you can view your issues by selecting your filters from the combobox.
  • You can select your issues to add the issue to the work log interface. Then, you can add work logs as described above.
  • When you click Save Logs button, you will see Successfully saved! message. It means that your work logs are done successfully.
  • If you want, you can return to the plugin page by clicking Return to Qlogger link, and you can continue writing your work logs, or you can go to JIRA Home page, and check the work logs you entered.




5. Previous JIRA Versions Support

For the customers are using older JIRA Server versions: Please visit "Version History" page of this plugin and download the compatible version.

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