Delegation Categories are used when you want to define different types of permissions that can be delegated to different users.

Using Keychain; you can define multiple delegation categories, configure Jira Components (custom fields, workflow functions, JQL functions) in different workflows to different categories, and (instead of delegating all permissions at once) delegate permissions of each category to different users.

The Delegation Categories page allows you to define the master list of delegation categories which then can be used while delegating permissions or configuring Jira Components.

Category Entries

Name field is the name of the category. You will see this name while configuring Jira components or creating delegations.

Description is any kind of text description for the category. It will be just visible here and will not have any effect on the operation of the app.


You can add as many categories as you like.

Keychain won't allow you to delete a category once it is used in a delegation. Please note that Keychain also keeps records of all expired delegations and all older versions of delegations for audit purposes. Any category used in a current or old delegation cannot be deleted.

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