The Configure Delegations screen allows you to define delegations which will be the master data for the operation of all other components introduced by Keychain - Delegation for Jira. 

Delegations defined on this page will not magically delegate all Jira permissions. The Jira administrator will configure Jira permission schemes and workflows to use the components provided by Keychain - Delegation for Jira and those components will operate according to delegations defined on this page.

You can find this page under Jira Administration >> Manage Apps >> Delegations for Jira.

Delegation Entries

Active field is used to activate or deactivate a delegation row without deleting it. When inactive, the delegation entry will have no effect.

Delegator is the user that delegates its permissions. It can be any user on your Jira but it has to be a single user for each delegation.

Delegates are the users that the permissions are delegated to. Once again, they can be any user on your Jira. Multiple users can be selected here.

Start Date and End Date are the dates which the delegation will be valid between. These dates can be defined down to minute resolution and the delegation entry will have no effect outside this date window.

Notes field is provided for you to keep any kind of notes about delegation definitions. The app itself does not use this field.

Creating New Delegations

As the name suggests, use the Create New Delegation button to create new delegation entries.

Updating Delegations

Delegation entries can be updated after creation.

During updates, all fields except Delegator can be changed. Changing Delegator field is not allowed. You can remove the entry and create a new one if needed.

Seeing past delegations

By default, this page only shows non-expired delegations. 

That includes delegations with a date window that covers the current date or is in the future. Delegations that have an End Date in the past are not listed. 

You can use the Show Expired Delegations button to see expired delegations as well.

Searching Delegations

The Search box allows you to pick a user and search among delegation entries for that user. When a user is picked, all delegation entries that include that user either Delegator or Delegate will be listed.

The search also respects Show Expired Delegations option. When expired delegations are shown, search results will include expired delegations as well.

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