Using Keychain Custom Fields for Jira Service Management Customer Portal Approvals

The custom field type introduced by Keychain - Delegation for Jira behaves pretty much like any other multi user picker of Jira. So you can use these fields for running approvals in JSM Customer Portal.


In order to use Keychain fields in JSM portal approvals ...

  • Create a Keychain custom field and configure it to display the delegates you need
  • Configure the portal approval workflow step and use that Keychain custom field as its source for Approvers


For details about configuring JSM custom portal approvals, see the Atlassian document below:

Granting Approval Permissions to Delegator and Delegates together

JSM customer portal approvals allow the use of only one user picker field to define approvers. If you want both delegators and delegates to be able to approve, that single field option might present an obstacle.

To work around the problem, you can use the Include source user(s) feature of Keychain custom fields. This feature makes the Keychain custom field display delegators and delegates together as its field value. If you configure the approval to use this field, you can grant approval permissions to both delegators and delegates.

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