This happens when you access Confluence using a URL other than the BaseUrl or Confluence. Please make sure you are accessing Confluence using the BaseUrl set in the system.

Baselines for Confluence does not keep a copy of your documents (pages or attachments) but rather keeps links to those documents. If you delete those documents from Confluence, their links will remain in previously created baselines but they naturally will not be reachable from Baselines.

Baselines for Confluence utilizes the PDF export library of Confluence. This library may have issues exporting large number of pages at once. The exact number depends on your server capacity and memory settings but is usually over several thousand issues.

As a workaround you can create additional baselines (that have the same Baseline Date as your original baseline) that include a subset of pages and export them individually.

The Issue:

If you are working with a MySQL Database, you might be getting Data too long for column 'BANDANAVALUE' at row 1 error while creating a baseline that contains 10K+ documents.


Baselines for Confluence saves its data in the Bandana table of your Confluence database. The datatypes for columns in Bandana table are different for different RDBMS systems and for MySQL, the datatype for bandanavalue column is MEDIUMTEXT which allow up to 16MBs of text.

A baselines with 10K+ documents may create a baselines that will not fit in this.


You can manually change the datatype of your bandanavalue column to allow larger text with an SQL statement like below:

ALTER TABLE bandana MODIFY bandanavalue LONGTEXT;

Bandana table is used to keep all kinds of data in Confluence. We did not encounter errors in our tests but use this modification at your own risk.