The main function of Baselines for Confluence is creating baselines in document spaces and allowing users to access those baselines as a set of documents. 

Confluence admins who want to know about the use of Baselines for Confluence will probably want to know "how many baselines are present on their system" and "how often are they accessed".

Unfortunately, there is no way to see which user displayed which baseline when, but if you have access to the database, you can get a list of all baselines in all spaces using the following SQL query.

select s.spacename, b.*
from bandana b 
left outer join spaces s on s.spacekey = b.bandanacontext
where b.bandanakey like '%baseline-%'

This query returns a list of all baselines in the system with their respective space names.

The bandanavalue column in the resultset is an XML string. One of the first tags in the XML structure is the createDate of the baseline and the creator of the baseline.

Please note that, based on the total number of baselines on your Confluence and the average size of those baselines, this query can be really expensive for the database. 

Please consider running this query in off-hours.

It is recommended to initially add a clause to the query that will limit the number of rows returned.

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