Viewing Baseline Contents

  • Open the "Baselines" tab in Space Administration section of your Confluence space.
    • You need View Baselines permission to use this tab. If you don't see the Baselines tab or Baselines tab is completeley empty, contact your Jira Administrator to get permission.
  • On the left column of the screen you will see the list of existing baselined created for that space. 
  • Click on one of the baseline to see the contents on the right.
  • Each row shows a document (page or attachment) in the baseline with its
    • Title
    • Type (page or attachment)
    • Full page location
    • The version of the document included in the baseline
    • The date of the document version
    • Export button.
  • You can click on the document title to navigate directly to the document version.


The search textbox can be used to search for a keyword in the baseline.

When you enter a word in the textbox and click search, the app will search for documents in the baselines that have the given keyword in its document name (page name or attachment file name) or its document path.

You can also filter documents by type to see only Pages, only Attachments, or Pages & Attachments together.

A document path can be entered as a keyword to search for documents under the given path.