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All data included in the report can be exported in XLS, XLSX or CSV file formats. To export data simply click on the export icon and select the desired format. The prepared export file should be downloaded in a short time.
If you select XLS, XLSX or 'CSV Average' as export format, 'Group by' field selection will become available. The selected fields will be used to group average durations or counts that will be included in the report. For XLS and XLSX exports, average data will be a separate sheet in the file, CSV Averages export will only contain averages in the file.
Export settings window
  • You can select system or custom fields on the issue as grouping fields. 
  • Some fields (like issue key or Summary) or some field types (like multi line text fields) are intentionally excluded from this list since grouping by those fields do not make sense.
  • Date fields will be available as 5 different options as you can select the Year, Month, Week, Day, Hour part of the date field.
  • If you do not select any fields, overall averages will be calculated and included in the report as a single row or data.

Data sheet in exported Excel file
Averages sheet in exported Excel file

Values are exported to Excel with the format they are displayed on screen, (like HH:mm:ss, etc...)

Depending on the size of data, the preparation of the export file can take several minutes.

Some pop-up blockers and download blockers cause the export file download to be blocked. Check your pop-up blocker and/or download blocker settings if you don't get a file after you select export.

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