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This document explains the privacy policy employed by OBSS Teknoloji A.Ş. (“OBSS”) ( about customer data and information and is effective starting from 21.April.2021.

The policies described in this document covers the operation of Server, Data Center and Cloud apps for Atlassian products that are built, maintained and operated by OBSS as well as related services provided by OBSS.


In this document:

  • Product Data refers to data of your Atlassian host products, whether on your server or cloud. This data includes your Jira issues, Confluence pages or other Atlassian host product data.
  • Settings Data refers to your app settings for OBSS products. This data is specific to OBSS apps and does NOT include your Product Data. It also does not include any Personally Identifiable Information.
  • License Data refers to transaction data that is created by your purchase of our licenses. This data might include the username, contact information (e-mail, address, phone number) and company information for technical and billing contacts. This data does NOT include any payment method information like credit cards and bank accounts.
  • Support Data refers to the data provided by you as part of our support engagement. This data includes the username and e-mail address you provide while reaching us; as well as log files, screenshots and other information you might share with us during the support process.
  • Web Traffic Data refers to the data gathered by anybody's use of our website or cloud services. This data might include your IP address and pages you visited. It does NOT include Product Data. It does NOT include any Personally Identifiable Information.
  • Data refers to any data that is related to customer including but not limited to those above.

How do we access & gather your data

We might access & gather your data from a number of different sources:

  • We access Product Data (only on Jira Cloud apps) through customer's use of our cloud app services (since cloud apps need to access Product Data in order to perform their functions). 
  • We gather Settings Data (only on Jira Cloud apps) through customer's use of our cloud app services (since cloud apps need to access Settings Data in order to perform their functions). 
  • We gather License Data from Atlassian about customers that purchase or evaluate our products. 
  • We gather Support Data through our support channels. 
  • We use cookies or other tracking technologies as well as Google Analytics Services for collecting Web Traffic Data about our visitors to our web site, public documentation portals, service channels and cloud services. 

Please note that:

  • Server and Data Center apps you use or evaluate are hosted on your application servers and those apps do NOT send us (or any other party) any Data from your servers. OBSS does not have access to your Product Data if you are using OBSS products on Jira Server or Jira Data Center.
  • Cloud apps access and process your Product Data but those services do NOT permanently store your Product Data. The data is discarded as soon as the processing is completed. Any file exports requested by the user are kept for 24 hours on our servers, for the user to download, and then automatically deleted. Beyond that, our Cloud apps only keep Settings Data specific to our apps. Even in the case of Settings Data, we do NOT keep any personal data that references you by username, title or e-mail but just user accountID's provided by Atlassian. 

How do we use your data

We might access and process your Data for ...

  • Providing the functionality of our cloud apps
  • Running and improving our business
  • Developing our products
  • Responding to your support requests
  • Communicating with you about important changes to our products
  • For the promotion and marketing of our own products and services
  • Achieving regulatory compliance, fulfilling legal obligations or supporting law enforcement agencies

We do NOT sell or share your Data with third parties for their marketing purposes.

Who has access to your data

OBSS personnel and outsource personnel hired by OBSS will access your Data for running our business and services.

We may share your Data with our subsidiaries or service providers for our operational, promotional or marketing needs.

We may share your Data to third parties on your request.

We may share your Data with authorities for supporting legal processes.

Your Data might be transferred to a new party as part of sale, merger or acquisition of assets that related to our Atlassian products and services.

Data Location

As stated above, we do NOT store your Product Data.

The Settings Data kept on our systems are stored in USA on Amazon Web Services Data Centers.

The Web Traffic Data kept on our systems are stored in Turkey and in USA on Amazon Web Services. The Web Traffic Data saved on Google Analytics is stored on Google systems.

Your License Data are mainly stored on Atlassian systems and are in Atlassian custody.

Data Retention

As stated above, we do NOT store your Product Data.

For other types of data, we will keep your Data as long as it is reasonably necessary for the business use it was collected for (as described in this document) or as long as it is required by the law.

Data Security

OBSS employs reasonable technological, organizational and procedural measures to protect the integrity and security of your Data.

Only users that need access to your personal Data to perform its business function will be granted access.


Customers have the following rights concerning their data stored by OBSS:

View DataCustomers may ask for a copy of their personal data stored by OBSS.
Change DataCustomers may ask for their personal data to be rectified if incomplete or inaccurate.
Delete DataCustomers may ask for their personal data to be anonymized or deleted from OBSS systems.
Get info on how data is processedCustomers may ask for detailed information about how their personal data are processed by OBSS and what the data are used for.
Get info on how data is sharedCustomers may ask with which third-parties their personal data are shared.
Restrict the use of dataCustomers may restrict the use of their personal data by OBSS.
Transfer DataCustomers may choose to transfer their personal data to another party.

Please note that OBSS is storing customer data to enable its operation. Deletion or restriction on use of these data can create impediments in OBSS operations. For example: If the customer asks for the deletion of his/her personal data, we will not be able to respond to support requests since we do not have the contact information.


By using OBSS products and services, you agree that your Data are collected and processed by OBSS and accept to be bound by the terms and conditions of this policy.

If you do not agree with this policy, you are expected not to use the products and services provided by OBSS.

Policy Change

This policy might be subject to change any time. The updated policy will be published here on this page and a link to this page will be available on our product pages on Atlassian Marketplace.


For any questions, issues or requests about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us through support portal or by sending an e-mail to

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